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They said:"We shall try to get permission (for him) from his father, and verily, we shall do it."

And [Yusuf (Joseph)] told his servants to put their money (with which they had bought the corn) into their bags, so that they might know it when they go back to their people, in order that they might come back.

So, when they returned to their father, they said:"O our father! No more measure of grain shall we get (unless we take our brother). So send our brother with us, and we shall get our measure and truly we will guard him."

He said:"Can I entrust him to you except as I entrusted his brother [Yusuf (Joseph)] to you aforetime? But Allah is the Best to guard, and He is the Most Merciful of those who show mercy."

And when they opened their bags, they found their money had been returned to them. They said:"O our father! What (more) can we desire? This, our money has been returned to us, so we shall get (more) food for our family, and we shall guard our brother and add one more measure of a camel"s load. This quantity is easy (for the king to give)."

He [Ya"qub (Jacob)] said:"I will not send him with you until you swear a solemn oath to me in Allah"s Name, that you will bring him back to me unless you are yourselves surrounded (by enemies, etc.)," And when they had sworn their solemn oath, he said:"Allah is the Witness over what we have said."

And he said:"O my sons! Do not enter by one gate, but enter by different gates, and I cannot avail you against Allah at all. Verily! The decision rests only with Allah. In him, I put my trust and let all those that trust, put their trust in Him."

And when they entered according to their father"s advice, it did not avail them in the least against (the Will of) Allah, it was but a need of Ya"qub"s (Jacob) inner-self which he discharged. And verily, he was endowed with knowledge because We had taught him, but most men know not.

And when they went in before Yusuf (Joseph), he betook his brother (Benjamin) to himself and said:"Verily!I am your brother, so grieve not for what they used to do."

So when he had furnished them forth with their provisions, he put the (golden) bowl into his brother"s bag, then a crier cried:"O you (in) the caravan! Surely, you are thieves!"

They, turning towards them, said:"What is it that you have missed?"

They said:"We have missed the (golden) bowl of the king and for him who produces it is (the reward of) a camel load; I will be bound by it."

They said:"By Allah! Indeed you know that we came not to make mischief in the land, and we are no thieves!"

They [Yusuf"s (Joseph) men] said:"What then shall be the penalty of him, if you are (proved to be) liars."

They [Yusuf"s (Joseph) brothers] said:"The penalty should be that he, in whose bag it is found, should be held for the punishment (of the crime). Thus we punish the Zalimun (wrong-doers, etc.)!"

So he [Yusuf (Joseph)] began (the search) in their bags before the bag of his brother. Then he brought it out of his brother"s bag. Thus did We plan for Yusuf (Joseph). He could not take his brother by the law of the king (as a slave), except that Allah willed it. (So Allah made the brothers to bind themselves with their way of"punishment, i.e. enslaving of a thief.") We raise to degrees whom We please, but over all those endowed with knowledge is the All-Knowing (Allah).

They [(Yusuf"s (Joseph) brothers] said:"If he steals, there was a brother of his [Yusuf (Joseph)] who did steal before (him)." But these things did Yusuf (Joseph) keep in himself, revealing not the secrets to them. He said (within himself):"You are in worst case, and Allah knows best the truth of what you assert!"

They said:"O ruler of the land! Verily, he has an old father (who will grieve for him); so take one of us in his place. Indeed we think that you are one of the Muhsinun (good-doers - see V.2:112)."

He said:"Allah forbid, that we should take anyone but him with whom we found our property. Indeed (if we did so), we should be Zalimun (wrong-doers)."

So, when they despaired of him, they held a conference in private. The eldest among them said:"Know you not that your father did take an oath from you in Allah"s Name, and before this you did fail in your duty with Yusuf (Joseph)? Therefore I will not leave this land until my father permits me, or Allah decides my case (by releasing Benjamin) and He is the Best of the judges.