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He (agreed to) cast lots, and he was among the losers,

Then a (big) fish swallowed him and he had done an act worthy of blame.

Had he not been of them who glorify Allah,

He would have indeed remained inside its belly (the fish) till the Day of Resurrection.

But We cast him forth on the naked shore while he was sick,

And We caused a plant of gourd to grow over him.

And We sent him to a hundred thousand (people) or even more.

And they believed; so We gave them enjoyment for a while.

Now ask them (O Muhammad SAW):"Are there (only) daughters for your Lord and sons for them?"

Or did We create the angels females while they were witnesses?

Verily, it is of their falsehood that they (Quraish pagans) say:

"Allah has begotten off spring or children (i.e. angels are the daughters of Allah)?" And, verily, they are liars!

Has He (then) chosen daughters rather than sons?

What is the matter with you? How do you decide?

Will you not then remember?

Or is there for you a plain authority?

Then bring your Book if you are truthful!

And they have invented a kinship between Him and the jinns, but the jinns know well that they have indeed to appear (before Him) (i.e. they will be brought for accounts).

Glorified is Allah! (He is Free) from what they attribute unto Him!

Except the slaves of Allah, whom He choses (for His Mercy i.e. true believers of Islamic Monotheism who do not attribute false things unto Allah).