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So when the sorcerers arrived, they said to Fir"aun (Pharaoh):"Will there surely be a reward for us if we are the winners?"

He said:"Yes, and you shall then verily be of those brought near (to myself)."

Musa (Moses) said to them:"Throw what you are going to throw!"

So they threw their ropes and their sticks, and said:"By the might of Fir"aun (Pharaoh), it is we who will certainly win!"

Then Musa (Moses) threw his stick, and behold, it swallowed up all the falsehoods which they showed!

And the sorcerers fell down prostrate.

Saying:"We believe in the Lord of the"Alamin (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

"The Lord of Musa (Moses) and Harun (Aaron)."

[Fir"aun (Pharaoh)] said:"You have believed in him before I give you leave. Surely, he indeed is your chief, who has taught you magic! So verily, you shall come to know. Verily, I will cut off your hands and your feet on opposite sides, and I will crucify you all."

They said:"No harm! Surely, to our Lord (Allah) we are to return;

"Verily! We really hope that our Lord will forgive us our sins, as we are the first of the believers [in Musa (Moses) and in the Monotheism which he has brought from Allah]."

And We inspired Musa (Moses), saying:"Take away My slaves by night, verily, you will be pursued."

Then Fir"aun (Pharaoh) sent callers to (all) the cities.

(Saying):"Verily! These indeed are but a small band.

"And verily, they have done what has enraged us;

"But we are host all assembled, amply fore-warned."

So, We expelled them from gardens and springs,

Treasures, and every kind of honourable place.

Thus [We turned them (Pharaoh"s people) out] and We caused the Children of Israel to inherit them.

So they pursued them at sunrise.