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Is it for you the males and for Him the females?

That indeed is a division most unfair!

They are but names which you have named, you and your fathers, for which Allah has sent down no authority. They follow but a guess and that which they themselves desire, whereas there has surely come to them the Guidance from their Lord!

Or shall man have what he wishes?

But to Allah belongs the last (Hereafter) and the first (the world).

And there are many angels in the heavens, whose intercession will avail nothing except after Allah has given leave for whom He wills and pleases.

Verily, those who believe not in the Hereafter, name the angels with female names.

While they have no knowledge thereof. They follow but a guess, and verily, guess is no substitute for the truth.

Therefore withdraw (O Muhammad SAW) from him who turns away from Our Reminder (this Quran) and desires nothing but the life of this world.

That is what they could reach of knowledge. Verily, your Lord it is He Who knows best him who goes astray from His Path, and He knows best him who receives guidance.

And to Allah belongs all that is in the heavens and all that is in the earth, that He may requite those who do evil with that which they have done (i.e. punish them in Hell), and reward those who do good, with what is best (i.e. Paradise).

Those who avoid great sins (see the Quran, Verses: 6:152,153) and Al-Fawahish (illegal sexual intercourse, etc.) except the small faults, verily, your Lord is of vast forgiveness. He knows you well when He created you from the earth (Adam), and when you were fetuses in your mothers" wombs. So ascribe not purity to yourselves. He knows best him who fears Allah and keep his duty to Him [i.e. those who are Al-Muttaqun (pious - see V.2:2)].

Did you (O Muhammad SAW) observe him who turned away (from Islam).

And gave a little, then stopped (giving)?

Is with him the knowledge of the unseen so that he sees?

Or is he not informed with what is in the Pages (Scripture) of Musa (Moses),

And of Ibrahim (Abraham) who fulfilled (or conveyed) all that (what Allah ordered him to do or convey),

That no burdened person (with sins) shall bear the burden (sins) of another.

And that man can have nothing but what he does (good or bad).

And that his deeds will be seen,