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And in"Ad (there is also a sign) when We sent against them the barren wind;

It spared nothing that it reached, but blew it into broken spreads of rotten ruins.

And in Thamud (there is also a sign), when they were told:"Enjoy yourselves for a while!"

But they insolently defied the Command of their Lord, so the Sa"iqah overtook them while they were looking.

Then they were unable to rise up, nor could they help themselves.

(So were) the people of Nuh (Noah) before them. Verily, they were a people who were Fasiqun (rebellious, disobedient to Allah).

With power did We construct the heaven. Verily, We are Able to extend the vastness of space thereof.

And We have spread out the earth, how Excellent Spreader (thereof) are We!

And of everything We have created pairs, that you may remember (the Grace of Allah).

So flee to Allah (from His Torment to His Mercy Islamic Monotheism), verily, I (Muhammad SAW) am a plain warner to you from Him.

And set not up (or worship) any other ilahan (god) along with Allah [Glorified be He (Alone), Exalted above all that they associate as partners with Him]. Verily, I (Muhammad SAW) am a plain warner to you from Him.

Likewise, no Messenger came to those before them, but they said:"A sorcerer or a madman!"

Have they (the people of the past) transmitted this saying to these (Quraish pagans)? Nay, they are themselves a people transgressing beyond bounds (in disbelief)!

So turn away (O Muhammad SAW) from them (Quraish pagans) you are not to be blamed (as you have conveyed Allah"s Message).

And remind (by preaching the Quran, O Muhammad SAW) for verily, the reminding profits the believers.

And I (Allah) created not the jinns and humans except they should worship Me (Alone).

I seek not any provision from them (i.e. provision for themselves or for My creatures) nor do I ask that they should feed Me (i.e. feed themselves or My creatures).

Verily, Allah is the All-Provider, Owner of Power, the Most Strong.

And verily, for those who do wrong, there is a portion of torment like to the evil portion of torment (which came for) their likes (of old), so let them not ask Me to hasten on!

Then, woe to those who disbelieve (in Allah and His Oneness Islamic Monotheism) from (that) their Day which they have been promised (for their punishment).